RJ339085 | ビッチな幼馴染と『最後の夏』

RJ339085 | ビッチな幼馴染と『最後の夏』 2021-09-08

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Sep 13, 2021
My head pounding made it even more obvious. At least I didn’t have to work. A day for sleeping before I drag myself to the office.Then it hit me I wasn’t laying in bed alone. The warm breath on my neck and the placement of a hand on my arse. I was defiantly naked. I moved and the hand moved with me. I swallowed I needed water. I moved gently so that a) the pounding didn’t get worse and b) not to wake who ever was in my bed asleep. My bedroom was strewn with clothes, shoes, sheets and pillow.Apparently rough frantic love was made. I staggered through to what should be my kitchen. I...
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