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How to use rice water to lighten the skin


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Sep 4, 2020
Rice water , the water left over after you cook rice. The most punctual known utilization of it was more than 1,000 years prior in Japan.

Today, rice water is picking up ubiquity as a skin treatment as well. It's said to relieve your skin, and even improve diverse skin conditions. Rice water contains substances known to help secure and fix your skin.

Rice toner

Let's find out today how to make and use rice toner at home.It is a very effective face toner which is many times more effective than all other lightening creams.

Method of use:

Take a handful of rice + a lemon into four pieces and soak them for at least 7-8 hours. I have put some rose petals in it. You can skip it if you want.When the rice is soft, it will be like a little muddy water.
Now put the liquid water in a spray bottle, spray it on your face every time you wash your face. There is no need to wipe the face after spraying it, let the water dry in the face.

Use it twice a day. After putting it on your face, don't go near the fire or in the sun. You will get the result in 1 week.
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