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How to improve yourself in six months


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Sep 4, 2020
  1. READ. READ. READ. Read a lot. You will definitely see an amazing improvement in 6 months. Believe me.
  2. Exercise. Trust me on this, you will feel more energized and enthusiastic.
  3. Get your goddamn sleep right. Get those 8 hours of rest your body deserves. Take care of your body, it will take care of you.
  4. Stop masturbation. You waste a lot of your energy in just imagining the possible yet never happening reality.
  5. Try to say no often. If you don't feel like doing it, or going out, just say no. Don't do it due to pressure, you will regret a lot.
  6. Socialize. Network a lot. Build everlasting connections.
  7. Try to learn new things every day. You never know when what comes handy.
  8. Upgrade yourself. If you know one particular thing, don't just limit yourself to that, practice other things as well.
  9. Go out for a walk every day, get that fresh air in your system.
  10. Do one thing which scares you every week.
  11. Cut toxic.
  12. Learn finance.
  13. Save 20%. Invest 80%
  14. Lastly, take care of yourself.
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